I hear you speak,  you mouth off, all the meaningless words. Words reacted, words trained and drilled into you.

You don’t read, you only respond with your emptiness. Your words carry no meaning. Your words carry a

bag of Hot air, rolling off your tongue, planting no seeds. So many use this form of communication.

No eye contact, No humanity, no Attentiveness.

Closed. Blocked. Walled in! evasive!  Running from the noise within, hiding from their Inner voice.

The voice that tells the truth, the one you don’t want to hear.

Listen, open your heart.

Breathe. Be. Listen to what you feel, inside.

Hear your Heartbeat.

Feel your breathe.

Hug someone, feel. You are not a Zombie.


Feel. Speak slowly.

Hear you, bursts forth.

Heal you, within.





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