Serving my Human Purpose?

pregnancy massage 2 SML


Serving my human Purpose!

Not Hunger. Not Thirst. Not Desire. Not want.

Not sickness. Not Illness. Not Injury. Not fatigue.

All of which I have experienced in the last 8 years has stopped me from

fulfilling my purpose as a Healer, Teacher, Therapist, Shaman, Wife.

The path I stepped into, was UNKNOWN.

Sport Massage 1 SML


It was a journey, to save my own soul.
A journey which led me to a foreign land, I found my place of belonging.

I wake up early, when there is no light, but my breathe, my heart, my spirit soars.

Today, once again, I get to  LIVE and Serve my PURPOSE.

I breath. I walk. I do yoga. I meditate. I connect to what you cannot see.

I prepare the massage bed, the space into sacredness that you cannot touch.

I feel your pain. I feel your ache. I feel the origin of your need for LOVE.

I dig deep, I grab hold of what no longer serves you, I replace it with LOVE.

I only share, what you ask. I never tell the whole story.

I don’t mention your Ancestors in the room. I don’t mention your path.

I only heal, where you and what you allow me.

So, I serve my purpose of Healer, Teacher, Helper, writer, blogger, Mother, Wife,

journey woman, as I know tomorrow brings new challenges, deeper meaning,

and more Healing to do.

Purpose, fulills and completes me, on every level of my being.

Nothing else matters. Not food, Not drink. Not Love.

Only this, and this path, I journey on.


Face with crystal SML





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