11 months after living off the grid



Last year around this exact time, I had a melt down in my studio

in our wooden cabin. I then went to Willem, and said I am sorry, I cannot do this.

I am not in the building a house dream anymore, it has turned into a nightmare.

I said, all I want to do is live my purpose and help people heal, and he confessed all he

wanted to do is create magical paintings.

11 months later, we are very very happy at Phuzamoya farm in the Karkloof.

It has given us the space to grow into ourselves even more.

We chop wood when we choose to. We are 20 minutes away from Howick, and leisurely

go to town every week for groceries, we watch movies and

have warm cosy baths, eat delicious food, life is good!

How have I grown from this?

I have grown. When someone asks for my help, I check their motives and my own intention,

I refrain from JUMPING in and saving them.

(To grow their bank account, or help them manifest a new car)

I have become empowered to be a Warrior, I speak my truth, it might be harsh, but it comes out and

I don’t mind saying F@#$! off, please leave my home.

I am done with people pleasing.

I say NO often.

Currently, I feel bad because I have become harder, warrior like.

My morning music playlist ranges from :

The soundtrack of the VIKINGS series, Deadpool, Mantra,

The Outlander series : The Skye boat song, Ravi Shankar – Come on baby light my fire.

Turning 40, has evolved me, if I don’t want to do it, I won’t.

Home has become my sanctuary and safe space.

I am becoming more of a hobbit.

I started writing more of the words, I hold deep within.

My healing practise has grown from strength to strength,

thank you to all the amazing people here in the Midlands.

(they all have a space in my heart)

We have also managed to manifest a new car in 62 days. ( I will write a blog about this one. )


We have been gifted a new ginger cat, called CG, I feel he is Sebastian re-incarnated, he has

all the same characteristics, including loving me. He is my companion, he goes walking with me,

sleeps on top of me and moans for milk every morning.

My heart has healed and I feel this deep bond with him.

Willem and I together decided no more house guest for a while, we had a ghastly guest for 3 months,

and we cannot afford to live with an unhappy person,

polluting our space, because we love it here.

I am grateful for every experience.

I am grateful, I don’t live in a wooden cabin, freezing my a@@ off.

I am grateful to have an awesome life purpose.

I am grateful for my partner, who is awesome on every level.

I am grateful for myself, for growing through any tough situation.

I am grateful and happy for what I have learnt.

I am grateful for you, the reader, journeying with me.

Thank you for a great year!

Bless you.





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