Best of you!



The Best of me. The best attitude. The best temperament. The best possible outlook. The loved possibility. I apologise for not always giving you my best.

I know I am human and so once you realize that you’ve received less than you deserve, I am sorry.

 I know that you cannot change me but I can change, to be a Better version of me.

I can choose to be kinder, gentler, more loving.

I can choose to be sweet because I love you.  

You are my world.  When I give you my best, I know you want to be your best for me also.

By me deciding to be the healthiest possible person means I’m not dependent on you for me, to be my best.

I can be, I must explore all of the aspects of me because I want to be me fully.

I want to share all my best with you, because I love you as much as you love me,

flaws and all.

Sickness and health.

Anger, shame, guilt, grief and goodness and all.

Agreements and disagreements because Life is filled with both bitter and sweet.

With love, let me do my best,

because I CHOOSE to change and Be my best for me.



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