8 years after India – August Our Turning Point



In August 2007, we decided to sell our worldly possessions and

go adventuring in India. In India, we worked hard physically

doing eco friendly building for the Auroville Earth Institute,

our presence there changed things radically, but that is another story.

July seems to be the hardest month for us, illness wise, Willem gets sick

and this time around, he was sick for 3 weeks with cellulitus, a bacteria infection

followed by a nagging cold. July is tough for me, but with assistance from my

Ancestors, Guides, Helpers, and using  reiki on myself, I manage to overcome this


6 August 2008, we arrived back in South Africa. We crashed at Aunty Bokkie’s

house with 2 backpacks filled with Indian summer clothes, during

a Bethlehem Winter of -2. We quickly acquired winter clothing and started our

life Journey. I had decided to do a International holistic diploma which would take

on average 2 years, I did it in 5 months. I woke up at 4am, and studied until 12pm

everyday. December 2008, we went to Cape Town to collect sentimental items

and moved into a old double story stable house. The upstairs room would be my healing

studio and Willems art studio just opposite mine. We lived in the Middle of Bethlehem,

the Free State, the most hostile area for a holistic open minded therapist ever.

I encountered many request for happy endings from Farmers. I encountered

gay woman for the first time, asking me if I was from the Devil.

I encountered narcissist and sociapaths with very negative intentions.

I stayed in Bethlehem for 2 years. On the date of 6 August 2010, we moved

to the Midlands. I have grown to LOVE the Midlands and the variety of

farms and people we have met. Different characters, Different Agendas.

I look back in Gratitude to the LIFE lessons, I have learnt, both about myself and others.

Journeying to find our purpose, mine as a healer, Willem as a artist.

We have cried, laughed, learnt, been uncomfortable, sick, in pain, cold, lost loved one’s,

reconnected with old and new connections.

The path, we knew would be unknown, but We dared to walk it anyway because,

we want to be free, to be ourselves completely, in this search, we have found

love, contentment and Happiness.

8 years later, we have a home, a car, a good life of serving.

I am grateful to our families, friends, connections, thank you.

I am grateful to this journey and process of Learning and Serving.

I am most grateful to Willem he’s been the most life changing person ever.

I have so many lessons from this process, too many to share, maybe we can

have a chat with some tea and cake, we will have a awesome laugh! 🙂

Love to you, my readers, who Inspire me.


(My disclaimer: I write this blog, to share feelings, life, laughter, my journey, its only about me,

and what I experience. Its Not to be taken Personally)




One thought on “8 years after India – August Our Turning Point

  1. What an amazing journey. Sue and I have been married for 24 years now and you so inspire me Colleen. Big hugs from Canada cheers


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