Friendship is sacred. I don’t do shallow friendships, I don’t do surface.

I require a soul connection, deep bonding. Spirit to Soul.

I have a few friendships that fulfil my soul. It is unconditional, I will help,

I will assist, I will give, and I know they will do the same.

I seek a deep bond that is well rooted. I don’t seek to be manipulated or

taken advantage of or disappointed.  I seek to live by my code of being a

good friend, my code of conduct.

It makes it hard, doing what I do, I read people, I read thoughts, body language,

my gut feeling and intuition is accurate.

Sometimes I give you the benefit of the doubt,

but it still hurts when you proof me right.

Self sabotage, foolishness, hopelessness yes,

what to do in a world unaware, unconscious people whose goal is to survive in a

corrupt system.

I have been a loner, I share my thoughts with few, I take care to

guard, my heart, my soul, my energy.

I wait for Spirit tribe to appear.

I wait for like-minded souls.

I wait, because I cannot venture on a chance, the cost is to much.

I await to share sacred friendship only, because we ‘ll be friends for life,

today and beyond.



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