Welcome Emer Ruby : Baby no. 16

Baby  no 16 (1) Baby  no 16 (2) Baby  no 16 (3) Baby  no 16 (4) Baby  no 16 (6) Baby  no 16 (7)

I met Megan 3 years ago, I still remember the very first Reiki session we had together.

Megan later sent her partner Karl and together we have embarked on a Healing journey.

Today, I met Emer Ruby Shelley, she is beautiful, being only 1 week old,

she is so precious and gentle, I had tears in my eyes all morning

at how beautiful this new life and spirit is.

She smells amazing, that new born baby smell with such expressive emotions, frowns,

growns, smiles and when she opened her bright blue eyes,

its as if she looked deep into my soul.

I have already fallen in love with baby no 16, Emer.

Megan has grown into motherhood and she is so amazing with Emer.

Yesterday, I reiki’d them together, synchronising their aura to flow together,

creating an amazing bond of LOVE.

I am blessed to have met this family, who have grown into their true selves.

Thank you and I honour you with this journey.

All my love.






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