I’m no guru, I’m a warrior



I’m no GURU, it is true. I am just as human as you.

I have my faults and my failings, I am a woman seeking to discover my True Light,

to push my own boundaries, to learn about my limitations,

no matter how uncomfortable it is.

I believe in living a spirit filled life which means embracing all aspects of me:

my light which is joy, laughter, fun, light heartedness, forgiveness.

my darkness which is depression, fear, hardened hard, fault finding

my brat, my adolescent self, my adult self, my goddess self.

I believe as I journey on, I keep learning, I wipe the tears, I heal the heart, I keep moving,

as this is all I know. I choose to keep at it.

I once had my tarot read by a parot, he was pretty apt.

I once had my jyotish (hindu astrologer) read my life path in Tamil for 2 hrs,

after which he refused payment from me, he too was very apt.

I am human, I dream, I romanticise, I create, I am me.

I cannot be anyone else, but me, because I am happy.

I choose happiness everyday, because I love me, sometimes more, sometimes less.

Lessons have carved aspects of my warrior, the heartbreak, the endurance and

perserverance in whatever life throws my way, it has created who I am, me.

Warrior, Healer, Shaman, Therapist, Massager, Wife, counsellor, friend,

Partner, . . . .

In so doing, it has sculpted me for the path which lies ahead for the journeys

to be taken, for the lessons to come, I know I am strong enough to embrace

them all, I have a shield of blue light, an Ethane to cut  – whomever off, I step forward

leaping into it, because I can only move forward, the past is no more,

the future is unknown, all I have is this moment of leaping in, because

this is all I have.






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