No Love. No Money.


I sit at your heart and knock? What do you love?

What would make you wake up at the crack of dawn, to do yoga, to pray, to get fitter?

I love what I do, I love helping others heal with massage, reiki and counselling.

The complete idea of doing what I love wakes me up and my day starts with

cats demanding milk and Pampers and did I mention, they love tea. (yes they are spoilt babies)

I digress.

LOVE : what is it? it is the indescribable passion of having fire in your chest to

do what You love, despite criticism and naysayers.

How can You start, if you have NO money?

Start with LOVING yourself. Start loving every aspect of yourself.

Start watching YOU TUBE videos about DR EMOTO and Water.

(We are 99% liquid, start LOVING you and Blessing You)

Start with watching  clips about What the bleep, do we know on YOU TUBE.

Start eating fruit and vegetables and drinking fresh water, automatically

you will start to change YOUR vibration, Your Energy.

Go for a walk everyday, get grounded.

When I started, I was to heavy to walk, so I jumped on my trampoline everyday.

You have to start, this is the most important journey of your life.

Next :  Clean and Cleanse and Detox your life.

Your House

Your wallet

Your cupboard

Your friendships

GIVE away what you no LONGER need.

Give 10% of what you earn away to someone in Need.

Share what you have with response ability. (no energy vampires, no parasites)

Many people think that having no money is a physical inadequacy but

Money is JUST paper. If you start to LOVE your life, your world,

you become RICHER, because of the quality of your life.

We have fresh running water.

We have fresh growing food.

We have electricity.

We have a home.

We have a good life.

Start re-enforcing the GOOD of Gratitude in your Life.

Say Thank you, offer Appreciation for all you have and to others.

Slowly, you start to change your energy and those around you,

you start to create a better Universe for You and Others.

It starts with Y O U.  What do you LOVE?




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