Counselling + Distance energy healing

Reiki distance healing

Counselling is exploring the confines of one’s mind, one’s emotions, one’s true self.

Exploring the different aspects of our own pain, trauma, abuse, venturing into it, so we can heal ourselves.

I have found that just doing a counselling session is helpful to heal the inner wounds of our being.

Combining the different modalities of massage, Reiki,

Crystal healing and sound healing with counselling,

you are assisting the body to heal itself on different levels.

Our Intuition and our spirits knows exactly what we need to heal.

Accessing ourselves with LOVE and Compassion, we learn to grow within,

to begin to love our true selves,

Whole and completely.

Life is certainly not perfect, we are faced with adversity,

Unanswered questions, imbalances which all can be healed with some help.

If you’d like to embark on a journey of Healing you,

I offer a 7 day Reiki Distance Energy healing to address the different aspects of you :

Inner child


Adult self




Self Love

 Distance healing can be performed for you, anywhere in the world, or for a friend, or for yourself and your kids.

Feel free to email me  :

Whats app +27846030604

Cost is R200 per day, duration of 7 days (R1400)



#inner journeying

#heal me




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