Toxic, Toxin, and the effects on an empath

toxin food


The most important thing in my life is self love, nothing else is

as authentic, real and true. I check in with myself everyday because

I aim to live a intuitive, spiritual life, listening to my body and my spirit

for guidance. I know the rest of the world, does not live a spirit filled life

but, I believe that everyone can, if they are prepared to be dedicated to it.

toxic people


What is toxic to me?   These are outside of my control.


Chatter on going –  Negative talk, moan, groan, complaining

Affirming the negative and igniting YOUR pain body

Barking dogs

Ambulance sirens

Shopping mall buzz – energy buzzing

Anxiety from others.

Manipulative people
What is a Toxin? These are ingested items, within my control.




Meat eating over consuming

Drugs that hinder self growth

GMO food

MSG food substances


Is dealing with a negative person toxic for me as an empath?

The answer is yes.  If the person has anxiety, ptsd, insomnia and a eating disorder

then the answer is yes. Yes because the habits are fully grown and they emit a

negative vibration. Sometimes it  is to late to change as the mental disorder

has taken over and they cannot change, even using their free will, it isn’t possible.

For an empath, this is toxic, because they emit such a negative vibration

which is overwhelming, like  a beacon that amplifies the negative,

best to get out this situation as quickly as possible to restore your own balance

with reiki/ massage / walking / meditation, ensure you cut ties with this person,

because try as they might, they cannot do the inner self conscious work, because

they have learnt to live off the pain, the drama, the negativity of fear which makes

them tick. If you continue to give empathy, you ll get drained and be exhausted,

best to walk away.


I try to live a toxic and toxin free life, because I love  my silence, I enjoy my

life, my space, I love what I do and I love affirming it.

Living this life, changes you, you  begin to deal with yourself and hear your Inner voice clearer,

you become a cleaner, clearer vessel for the Divine spirit to reside in.

Your will to live becomes stronger when you begin to cleanse your body and

your environment of toxins and toxic people.

I instantly know, listening to my gut feeling, if I will connect with someone or not.

The bridge of human connection becomes slightly more difficult when that person

consumes meat, alcohol and other substances, it basically numbs the spirit and we

have nothing in common to talk about.

Our paths are different, our lives are different.

SO I CHOOSE TO be a hobbit, healer, shaman, therapist because if you don’t

know what reiki or massage or what my passion is, its going to be a awkward

and a difficult conversation.

Fact is, I am happy. I am happy in my space, my body, my life and

I don’t desire your approval, so I wont people please, I will speak my

truth, whether it be brutal or mean or harsh, because I am real.

Being authentic and real is part of loving yourself and saying NO!

is a huge part of self love, so start a new chapter, identify what

makes you unhappy and then fix it.

Happiness is a choice.

Happiness is a inside job.

Happiness fulfils what money cannot buy.

Happiness is a feeling which builds to contentment.
Choose  Happiness, it will be a awesome guide to your life.





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