I never wanted an ordinary life.

A life of mundane, the same job, the same washing of dishes,

the same vacuuming of the carpet, the same cleaning of the bathrooms, ordinary.

Washing, Ironing, Functioning, Etc. = Wife

The mundane and boredom aspect of being a housewife hit me at the

age of 6. I watched my grandmother slave away for her kids

and grandkids. I watched the joys and deep sorrows that came with motherhood

that a father never experiences.

Ordinary. I never wanted a husband, I wanted a partner in crime, a adventurer,

a MacGyver, a wingman, a follower.

I certainly, got it. I have explored other countries, Namibia, Mozambique

and India. I adventure to different aspects of self, to explore the light and the darkness

of my soul.

Fact is I hate ordinary, the mundane, I seek amazing, exploring, risk taking,

being on the edge of a huge break through, an ageless utopia of creativity,

Divine intervention and  the flowing synchronicity.

I stepped into an unknown life, the adventurer of myself.

A richness which keeps growing as I age like a 20 something,

never to loose my spark, my laughter, my joy and most of all,

my happiness which no money can buy.

A deeper connection of spirit gets ignited and another journey begins within.

Find the extra ordinary in your ordinary.






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