Kick the Bucket


I’m 40 but I feel like a 20 something.

I think of all that I have accomplished in 8 years :

I had a career in the corporate tumble dryer called life, tick done. (I worked for Tracker)

I went to India 3 times and loved it, I love Auroville, the freedom and the madness, tick done.

(I learnt to build houses with Satprem at the Auroville Earth Institute)

I learnt to drive in India, both a car and a motorbike, what fun.

I sold all my worldly possessions in 2008 and now 8 years later, it feels strange to

have stuff like furniture, it scares me because I once again acquired stuff which

naturally weighs one down, alas, its done…..

I and my hubby manifested a car in 62 days, this year,  wahoo! tick done.

I have read books on spirituality, 3 books at a time, tick done.

I have learnt to write blog, thanks to Keri – who said just write them, tick done.

I am learning how to hashtag # Thanks to Nicola – who explained how it works, tick done.

I had a intern from California, from a land far away, tick done. (we all grew)

I taught someone reiki who will be a Spiritual Minister at a college in the US, tick done.

47 Reiki students, including 2 Reiki masters, taught –  tick done.

Travelling to Cape Town to see my family, tick done. (they are still crazeee)

I have lived off the grid for 6 months, with no electricity or comforts, tick done. (I moved to a proper house)

I am living my dream, 3 vision boards later, a comfortable home, and a good life,

an awesome practise and clients who I totally love and appreciate.

I have assisted in creating babies with reiki, 18 babies, so far, tick done.

I have helped people pass over with reiki, tick done.

I have assisted a alcoholic of 20 years to kick the habit in 5 weeks, with reiki and massage, tick done.


I sincerely believe I can do anything, if I can imagine it, well I could do it,

the challenge is to have one part knowledge, one part intuition and one part

courage to just do it, not to doubt, not to talk it to death, but just to DO IT!

You will certainly be surprised by what you can achieve. . .   once you have a goal

or a visionboard.

I have kicked my bucket for sure.

I’m sitting at my oasis wondering, what is next, where to from here,

To be or NOT to be.

To create or to enjoy.

Or All of the above, Find a new vision to study?

I sit on the step of the unknown, waiting for that spark of Inspiration to

give me the vision from Spirit  …. what I am guided to…, I wait. . .  .


(PS*** Was invited to a different part of India yesterday….NEW GOAL, you bet!)




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