When we think of having a partner, it is a romantic notion, a dream,

a knight in shinning armour, a completion but with most relationships,

it takes work, is it easy, NOPE!

When we think of a goal for our career, it takes dedication, hardwork,

sacrifice and discipline, is it easy, NOPE!

Embarking on a spiritual quest for oneself, going inside and figuring

out who you are, both aspects of self, light and dark, is it easy, NOPE.

Having kids, which naturally divides a womans brain into 5 categories,

wife, mother, worker, cleaner, shopper, etc. is it easy, NOPE.

Building a house, takes finances, planning, dedication,

sacrifice, is it easy, Nope.

Every aspect of what is worth living for seems simple, but it is not,

easy, we want easy and instant but that isn’t how life works.

There is nothing easy in life, because it just is so.

So, lets become tougher, lets put on our best selves and

just embrace it, because anything that’s worth it, is hard,

but its ok, you possess the tools to face it,

if not, come see me………….


lets go on a journey of self discovery!


Love to you my followers : -)





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