Old School : Give away, Recycle, Reuse



This week, I have been doing a cleansing, not the type of cleansing you would think but the type that I really need to do often.

I cleaned out my cupboard and gave away what I no longer need. I happily enjoy 2nd hand clothes and enjoy receiving clothes which fit me comfortably, I don’t mind it, I recycle and re use.

I gathered the courage to throw my old sneakers away which I had for 7 years, Willem has glued and fixed it for me but alas, it was time, but I reused the inner soles and kept the laces for something else.

Willem and I have also attempted to cut bread and potatoes from our diet, the gluten in the bread affects our colon badly and our stomach becomes bloated and uncomfortable, that being said, we have replaced it with rice cakes/ rye crackers which cost 5 times more than normal bread, but most of the wheat is GMO genetically modified, I can tell you, my grandmother would not eat it, and so I shouldn’t either.

 My grandmother was a bit of a techno phobic type person, she didn’t like electronics or changing light bulbs, those were all my duties to do. She was a smart lady ,she kept me busy with chores and restricted my television time to 2 hours a day, I was sent to play outside or water the garden or pick the fruit from the trees, being outside was my grounding space. These days, I feel I need to use social media but Not get sucked into a fake world of approval and Fake emotions.

I do feel, it is a useful tool to be used for the highest good,  as most people find me that way, so yay!

but I still need to work in the garden and go for walks and be present with my energy here, so old

school is best for the health of my body, mind and spirit.

Electronics themselves have a vibration, so it is important to discipline the use of our electronics as it creates an addictive behaviour, I know it.

I place clear quartz at my computer and try and leave my cell phone, if I am not busy answering messages.

I feel as a human being, one has to keep the balance within, keep nurturing and cultivating a spirit of happiness, growth, inner journeying to keep me happy.

Getting to a space of disciplining and addressing oneself, teaches us to harness our energy and

Take control of ourselves, so we can be the best parts of ourselves.

So, I keep journeying on, to grow within and become more of me, myself and I.

Walking the path, one foot firmly in front of another becoming more aware of my impact on others, my own energy, the choices I decide upon and the path that opens up for me.

This week has been a time of reflection, sort of in line with the Jewish Yom Kippur, a time of inner reflection, forgiveness and change.

Sometimes its just time to change things, to unsubscribe from the newsletters, to put your cell phone aside, to unfollow the naysayers, to keep your psyche and conscience clean, so you can hear your inner voice clearer, so your spiritual connection grows and you begin to feel lighter, more loved, no matter what your shape, size, weight, height or bank account balance.

You begin to just be . . . YOU>!







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