F u n c t i o n a l : Women



Being functional is what the world promotes,

Work, eat, shit, shower, sleep, repeat,  rush, hurry, hectic, stress, drama, chaos, the male driven persona requires us …to ….rationalise things into :

                   I must, I should, I have to . .

No time for rest, rejuvenation, healing, nurturing,

Taking time to connect with the female self.

Being dedicated to a profession is hard work,

If it’s a job, you are dedicated for a salary.

If it’s a life purpose, you are dedicated for a higher purpose, for the highest good possible.


It definitely depends on your attitude and personal

Preference as to how you approach, this topic.

We all try and live out our passion, our balance, our happiness.  Throw in the bills, expenses, debt, kids, and life becomes very interesting and stress filled.

The balance between personal sacrifice and fully functional comes into question.

Being functional in a job, doesn’t mean you have your emotional self sorted out, it can mean that you have subdued your female self which is the FUN, Loving,

Filled with laughter, creative self.

The part of you that enjoys life, that isn’t too serious and this part of you loves pleasure, orgasms, sex, fun,

Dressing and Eating well, not overworking yourself and

Not making a doormat of yourself.

I want to say the answer is simple, love yourself, but

I know this is no easy task.

Starting with boundaries to say NO! to some of the endless demands placed upon women or men.

Gaining your confidence by investing in yourself with a healthy diet of good stuff and chocolate.

Yoga, meditation, reiki and massage to keep yourself balanced in order to be the best possible person you can be.


Touch, love, feeling, being is all part of living a holistic life for yourself, over and over again, I am confronted with my dominant male self which happily takes over and my female self that says wait, this maybe isn’t the way to do it.

If we decide to freeze out the pain, we also freeze out the love, joy, happiness, and that emotion is frozen within ourselves, until we release it and accept that aspect of ourselves.

We become male driven because showing of any femaleness is a seen as a weakness, we are talked out of our feelings, our needs, our desires, our wants, but

We are this force which holds families, loved ones, jobs, visions together for this world to function.

Lets tap into our female self, lets dress like a goddess.

Lets walk with grace and ease into what we are, woman of power.

Lets rise to every occasion for ourselves because we

Deserve to be seen for who we are.

Lets not subdue ourselves to conform, lets be immune to the conditioning of this world because we can be.

Lets be ourselves 100%, because we choose it.


By doing so, we start to change the world in changing ourselves into a complete, loved, whole human being wanting to pass this knowledge of power along to our friends, family, kids, siblings, to whomever will listen because, we can be free, to be woman of power.












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