Negative P l e a s u r e




Growing up, we all experience negative pleasure.

We are punished by a hitting of the hand and receive attention which

we crave for, as kids. The truth is being a naughty brat, brings both pleasure and pain.

We become accustomed to receiving pleasure and pain, in this case the neuro pathway is created.

Our brain and emotional self recognises the pain to both pleasure and pain.

We gossip. We bad mouth. We complain. We vent. We bitch. We affirm the negative, it

all becomes comfortable, until the self sabotage shadow self takes over and then,

it becomes the normal pattern to be negative all the time and speak it, think it, affirm it.

You loose your vitality, you loose money, you are in debt and you wonder how it all happened?

When you affirm the negative, you tap into that paradigm of living a 5 sensory life

(work, eat, shit, sleep, no awareness = SHEEP).

You begin to live without SELF love, Joy, Happiness, peace, harmony, guidance by your higher self.

To be truly happy, you need to LOVE yourself and live in harmony with yourself and others, while

listening to your intuition and disciplining yourself to NOT give into your negative inclination.

Make no mistake, this is NOT easy, it is far easier to affirm the negative, but it only feeds YOUR EGO,

not your spirit.

Feeding your spirit is feeding the good aspects of yourself, the LOVE, the forgiveness,

the JOY, the pleasurable aspects of being a positive human being.

LOVE and Gratitude is the HIGHEST vibration in the UNIVERSE.

DR EMOTO researched and completed vast experiments on rice and water, blessing and

cursing these items and the outcome was, to LOVE and To be Grateful is the best way

to live and to NURTURE ourselves and  the Planet we live on.

So, How will you change?

Will you keep polluting your mind and our planet and Those around YOU?

Or turn it all round and live a LIFE of LOVE and Purpose?

I stand at the door of your heart and KNOCK, will you let the LOVE in………

If you need help, contact me 084 603 0604, lets embark on a healing journey for you!





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