N e e d is NOT love


In every crisis, I saved you, when you were hungry, I fed you,

I hoped for a inkling of love and acceptance, instead, you

manipulated me with your chaos, you rejected me, and

made me feel inadequate. Every spec of me held onto that hope.

It was all good when you needed me, but

need is not love. LOVE is love, it flows from the heart, it is a DIVINE

force which rests within us, which is freely given and freely received.

I wish you knew the difference, I wish, you could see the web of chaos,

you create with your unconscious decisions, I wish.

To love is to nurture you, to exercise, to do yoga, to take vitamins,

to be the best possible you. The best of you when loved is not

phased by your waist size or your weight or any negative aspect of you.

You are just loved, every roll, every line, every inadequacy is overlooked.

You are accepted, and everyone’s opinion does not matter because you are loved by you.

LOVE is LOVE. It happens. . .

Love yourself.

Love your partner.

Love your pets.

Love your life.

Be happy. Share Joy.

Be… you.

Be happy.



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