Most people think healing is a outside job, but actually it is completely a inside job.

When you go for healing, the “healer” acts as a vessel to open the blockages within

yourself so you can heal. The greatest healer within is SELF LOVE.

Loving yourself enough to eat healthy meals, do exercise, practise yoga, practise meditation,

so you keep connected to your Divine Universe and to keep your Spiritual life alive.

There is a secret reiki sign which I blow into everyone’s crown chakra, this sign Brings forth your

true self. If your true self is a complaining, sickly, ego driven person, well that’s what you get.

If your true self is to become a vegan, write a book, live in Cape Town and travel the world,

well that’s what you will experience also.

YOU are the DIVINE Spark, your attitude, your spoken words, your thoughts, creates your

world and universe.  If you choose to focus on your debt, your lack of finances, you will have

more money troubles, than you can handle.

If you choose to focus on Abundance and receive your needs from the UNIVERSE, that is what you will

experience also.

Healing is NOT this “magic”  crystal ball that will fix everything. Healing is a JOURNEY within yourself,

dealing with yourself, learning to bring forth balance within you, with the help of a therapist or Reiki master or

Life coach counsellor, there is no instant healing. (like instant noodles)

Receiving healing means you take full responsibility for you and have the courage to embark on

your self healing journey.

I have seen many people in my practise, some have grown from strength to strength with LOVE,

others have de-volved, they have become worse off, because they refuse to LOVE themselves and

have a healthy boundary life, with good healthy food and  toxin free life.

FREEWILL  – we all have it, we get to decide who want to be and therefore reap the consequences thereof.

Let us become more focused on the positive on growing our inner true self and

journeying to become a better version of ourselves.

Lets change this world….. as we begin to change ourselves.





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