Two worlds. . .



Hi, My name is Colleen and I live in 2 worlds. I live in the spiritual world connected to my

Ancestors, my guides, my lineage of Reiki Masters and yes I connect with the spirits beyond time and space.


Hi, My name is Colleen and I live in this reality, this earth, this planet, this area called the Midlands,

I was guided here by my intuition and Divine synchronicity.

My life purpose has been set out for me before, this is who I am, a healer, a shaman, a warrior,

a creator, a writer, a advisor, a counsellor, a intuitive massage therapist, a reiki master, a  wife,

a teacher.  As you can see the list of endless roles, did I mention that all of this comes with a Great Responsibility.

I chose to be a dedicated healer, dedicated to the Highest good, which means nurturing many on their journey of Life, however, when I started out, I wanted to heal everyone from the addict to the abuser, I had to learn valuable lessons which moulded me to change who I was. I was naiive. I was over giving and I did not protect me.

This is where my warrior kicked in. I am a warrior for the greatest good which does not come without sacrifice or discipline or hardwork or perserverence.  Being a SPIRITUAL being is Hard Work!

The funky pictures on Instagram or facebook : About being ONE with the Universe looks romantic but in truth,

you have to face being UNCOMFORTABLE and Accepting that the rest of the world is UNCONSCIOUS

and UNaware of the SPIRITUAL side of LIFE!

Like going to Pick and Pay, you can’t give the cashier a hug in payment of your groceries? really?

Your car doesn’t take water for FUEL? Does it.

Your bank does account is not in Credit all the time based on your feelings?

The realities of life is unavoidable, some things just are.

This brings me to the topic of HEALING!  after practising healing for 8 years, I have had to become

discerning about who I want to work on and who not. WHY? yes, everybody deserves healing yes, but

NOT everybody will do the INNER work of dealing with themselves to grow and learn.

Fact is : SOME people love the drama, chaos, anger, miserable life they have and will make every effort to

spread their misery!

Me being me a empath will keep trying to help them heal, but F### it, really when did I agree to that!

Fact is I did not!  The path of a healer is to be the vessel of HEALING, to guide you to figure out, how best to bring balance and HEALING to thyself.

I am not a magic wand handler, or a lucky packet gadget of magic or a miracle worker  (sometimes it does work)

but YOU my dear are your greatest healer!

You….. to embark on a journey of  healing you, try massage, reiki and counselling, become

the best part of YOU! even though its hard and uncomfortable, you are worth it.


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