Depressive person and the Empath



This morning I had a deep realization about depressed people or even bi polar people and the empath.


The empath will do all they can to help these people who do not have the self love or

mental capability to readjust their negativity to a self realized conviction to change

their path to a positive one.

Depressed people : HIGHLIGHT the negative, THEY amplify it, they watch the news to

live off the fear and the drama associated with it. They also tap into the misery of others, igniting their pain

bodies of others, so they can gain energy and “lay an egg” about how bad it is.

You as the empath must learn to discern that YOU cannot HELP them by either absorbing their

pain or continuously trying to change their convictions, this is where you need to learn

detachment. You can slowly start to be less and less available for them to spew their

misery, hurt and hate which is their saviour.

Stay in your OWN SKIN!  if you are HAPPY and LOVE yourself, don’t take on their problems, give them

the space to TAKE Responsibility for their life.

You can  try and spend very little time with them because it will DRAIN your life force.

This is called an energetic vampire.

How can you heal from this? Go for a reiki session and ask the person to cut the CORDS and

remove all connections from your aura.  I assure you, you will feel so much better.

I set you before the choice of LIFE or Death. A life created with LOVE, Abundance and JOY

or a A life created with fear, anger, misery and depression and daily recreating this reality.

You hold the key to a life worth living or not.

The choice is yours.




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