Abortion is a personal decision.



First off, it takes 9 months for the baby to develop, (I know this because I treat Pregnant moms and babies regularly)

that being said, at 3 months the babies system and SPIRIT is NOT a human being yet and its chakra system isn’t developed,

it takes 9 months for it to be a human being, a SPIRIT, a SOUL, COMPLETE.

I am pro abortion!  I believe that every woman has a choice. It is YOURS to decide.

For example :

Reiki baby no 11 was aborted, why?

Because she was a recovering coccaine addict  fresh out of rehab, who had a one night stand  with a stranger,

and did not take any precautions.

Does this look like a healthy life for a baby? NO. The most important aspect of this story is the

security, commitment, a sacred space for the child to grow and be nurtured in, this is NOT it.


I see NEW MOMS loving the journey of MOTHERHOOD, in a stable, family and husband/ partner, a supporting environment, being dedicated, hardworking and self sacrificing to this vocation.

It takes a lot to be a mom to a new born baby and you want to have a healthy kid, in mind, body and spirit. 

Babies are clever, if there is one speck of you NOT wanting them, they will be needy and hound you, easy!

You will regret being a mother and feel like you are being sapped. SEE THE DIFFERENCE here?


Yesterday, I received a whats app from one of my clients who despite me warning everyone about REIKI

Making them fertile and if they don’t want to have kids, take every precaution necessary : ie.

The pill, the patch, the condom, schedule sex when you are not ovulating and be safe, not stupid. 


In this day and age, KIDS are avoidable, if you don’t want them, if you are not prepared to dedicate the

next 18 years to raising, nurturing and LOVING your kid,

it is a COMMITMENT, not a mistake or a accident, don’t have them.


To love something that is born of you, is the most natural thing in the world, it is not a burden or a

annoyance or a curse or a punishment for being a woman,

It is A GIFT, to be a MOTHER.

So you say, I am not a mother, but I have raised

Many kids in my life and I continue to Nurture and guide others, even though, my womb is closed for business,

I believe I am serving my purpose, as best as I can.

So, I say again, if you don’t want kids, take precautions, if you do want kids go ahead and embark on the journey of changing your entire world, but please please please be ready for it, if not, have an abortion and deal with your emotions thereafter, change your attitude and your life because a mistake once, is a mistake, a mistake twice, then you chose it.

Learn and grow from it!

Once bitten. Twice shy! And all. . . .

The end.



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