Narcissist, sociopath and the empath} for future healers. . .



Based on a true story.  Story #1

Once upon a time, there was a naiive healer promoting herself to all who would listen, little did I know the lesson, I would learn here.

It started with an innocent reiki session scheduled by the narcissist boyfriend, for his girlfriend, and it grew into everyday visits. I realized due to her fragile mental state after her divorce, her dependency on cocaine and her responsibility to her 2 girls, that I would give her a reiki attunement, a clean slate. I carried her karma for 6 weeks.  The first 3 months, she blossomed and then her boyfriend returned and so did the cocaine addiction.


The next 3 months was hell, she sapped a lot of energy and I could feel her slipping down the dark path, wanting to help and serve, I gave it my best shot. Six months later, the end of 2009, I had been drained of my life force, I needed to go to India to get rebooted and healed. That December, her boyfriend visited us, only to look me in the eye and say, I saw you and you were a easy target, so I led her to you, so she could sap you and I could go on my adventure without her. My heart sank and I told him, did you never think of her kids? I forgave him and I forgave her. I realized, I cannot save anyone, they need to want to be heal themselves. I am just the vessel. I must protect me at all cost. I will not venture down the road of being drained by anyone.


Story # 2

We met by coincidence, a fellow client had introduced us and they popped into visit us, all friendly and nice.

Three years later, she came for treatments every month to help with her depression, anxiety and ptsd. She was at her witts end financially and emotionally. She begged for help and me being me, I said I would help. We shifted into her space, we attracted clients, I cleared the energy, I lifted the vibration of the place and it attracted business, they bought a new car, their banking account was flowing, they went on 6 vacation weekends.

I did all of that. They had a flush reality, until a young man came to visit us and he was a recovering addict, this sparked her jealousy, her anger, and her wrath against me. I sat their listening to her anger, her getting into my character, telling me that she didn’t want this space to be a “reiki”space. I drew a line in my head and said no more.

I told my partner, she played us well, she got exactly what she wanted, money, new car, flush existence, I will not give anymore.

It was time to move on.  Lesson: People lie especially sociopaths to get their way and they will play on the empaths emotions and use you until they no longer need you.


 Story # 3

We met online, he was in a bad space. He had been in a accident and had both his arms broken, he suffered with Ptsd, unable to work for 6 months already. Everyday for 2 years, I sent him healing, everyday prompting him to do more, walk to their gate, walk to the shop, go and get your  license  disc sorted out.  Time to go to a workshop, so he could work again. Everyday, it was time, counselling, reiki and now 2 years and 4 months, later, a realization hit me.

Lesson :

The universe hit him with karma of an accident for change, why because PAIN is our greatest teacher. If you don’t love yourself enough to change, to grow, to become the best possible person, you live in denial,  you live a life of eat, shit, sleep, a 5 sensory life which is NOT spiritual. If your ancestory has been destroyed and you have no spirit connection, then you have  a duty to repair it and start to speak your truth and live your truth.

If you live a dualistic life with your family and another when they are not looking, you are being fake with yourself and others and you are not SPIRITUAL at all. You are therefore a narcissist and have way more problems living on the pain you create, because you have no love.

Life lesson : People lie. Narcissist are attracted to Empaths, like a moth to a flame because they have NO love and will suck on you like a VAMPIRE.  Important for you to CUT ties and LET Go.

You once again cannot save anyone, SELFLOVE is an inside JOB and learning these hard lessons, have left physical scars and emotional scars. (I’m over it….

So if you are new to this healing game, protect you, give your heart to no one and Love yes, but be sure to protect all of you, your relationships, your home, your space, your existence, always.

Don’t be naiive, “bad”people exist. . .  be Conscious of it.








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