The Aquarius Curse


So if you didn’t know, yes I am a Aquarius, a Air sign, not a water sign.

We bare water for all who thirst, we also give you the space to be yourself.

We instantly dislike Gemini’s, Taurus, Scorpio’s, we don’t get on…..

not to mention Dark Aquarians. (All of this takes 5 seconds to happen)

We see others, not as they are, but as they could be… whole, shinning, loved, unique,

we have the instinctive intuition, to help to make YOU WHOLE!

From the age of 4, I knew I was different. When  I was pushed on the playground and

went home with bloody knees, I would say it was a accident. When I was a teenager and

a bully pushed me down a flight of stairs and I bounced like a ball, I said, I tripped.

You can see the pattern, we never want to admit that there are BAD people out there,

but being a VICTIM and choosing this pattern, creates more of it, I have many scars

to proof it. Aquarians are humanitarians, we want to serve the HIGHER GOOD.

We have a HUGE expectation for ourselves and others to do good, and we face

constant DISAPPOINTMENT every day :

In friendships as we have high standards. (its sacred man)

In a relationship with parents. (they should ve done better)

In our own relationship because we give and expect the best.

As you can see the pattern has been created.

Aquarians will save you, at great sacrifice and take the wound personal because

we want everyone to be happy and live in peace.

Being a EMPATH and a aquarian is hard, everyday, I am uncomfortable facing

my truth and speaking it, voicing what I need and letting the little girl on the inside be free.

Deleting self pity and letting go of the wounds which only cause me harm.

I love easily, I care even easier, I remember every hurt, every emotion, everything literally

and I want this world to be a better place.

So I will keep hoping, keep pushing but..then I discovered narcissist and sociapaths and

energy vampires and I was like …..WOW!!! stop the bus.

I have to exercise my discipline with myself so I don’t get depleted or drained because

we are givers, we have a big heart for everyone…even if its the homeless guy or the

injured animal. We walk with a deeper sense of humanity and a greater responsibility.

I have learnt to be a warrior of light, to speak up, to be uncomfortable and to do

the things I even dislike… as this is part of MY OWN personal growth path.

GONE is the doormat Colleen, hello to this fiery woman warrior who has choice,

who has decided to be herself, no matter what.

I Chose to LOVE myself as I am. I make me happy because….I can, and so can you!



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