Letting go, of India, (Auroville) my utopia



I have a mental bucket list,  and on it, is one more trip to India, however, as

I begin to investigate the logistics of it and the planning, the budgeting of it,

I become more stressed out.  The first thing is that I have travel for 24hours, a whole day,

which now would FEEL like forever. I have been to Indian 3 times, in 2008, 2009-10 and

2013. I went to explore and find my TRUE self, which I have.

I met amazing people and I have kept these friendships alive,  going the extra mile and all.

I realize that I actually LOVE my life and space where I am.

I feel I have waited all of my life for this moment, for this space,

where I am able to  help others heal and grow, and slowly,

I am seeing the impact on other peoples lives, which is the



New babies are being born.

People are healing on their journey.

People are getting engaged.

Going on Inner realization journey.

Stepping into the UNCOMFORTABLE zone of Living a SPIRIT filled LIFE,

it is amazing to be the observer of all of this.

I love it!

It then dawned on me that, I don’t want to go to India!

I want to wake up in this space.

I want to be here to exercise, to do yoga, to stay in this space and continue

with what I am doing, my purpose.

I want to snuggle with my cats.

I don’t want to miss out on any of it, this life.

So, goodbye India for now… I will put you on ICE because, I know you will return again

and You will wait for me to be ready.

Here, Now! I decide and choose, my Reality!  and LOVE It with all my heart.



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