Skilled hands



I am lying on my own massage bed. I have waited years, minutes, hours, days

for this moment. The moment where the skilled hands will follow the contours

of my body. He will read what I do not speak. He will repair what others

cannot see. He will fix what we all hide, pain.

The use of my body is endless, walking, massaging, gyming, past injuries, yoga,

we endure, we continue, we wait for the perfect hands, to heal our bodies.

I am sure, I am that to many. But like many, I want the magic, I seek

not just the healing, I want the magic, the tenderness of being touched.

I want those hands to read my story, and soothe the ache, knowing it will be ok.

This touch will make it all good again, it will reboot the switch I have inside,

and change me. I will feel goo wee, like moosh, whole, relaxed, at ease and

nourished as only a healing repair massage/ physio session can be.

I loved it, it made me feel whole again, his thumb fingerprints stayed for 24 hours,

later, the release of the aches, and the joy of moving returned.

I am thankful for these hands, who healed my body, and I welcome you to

let me read your body, let us go on a journey within, to heal what you do not share,

lets step into it, and lets become whole and amazing!



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