Disconnecting from an energy vampire



What is a  energy vampire?

Someone who keeps creating drama in their life, so they can contact you

as a empath to : 1. get sympathy   2. get free healing sent to them if you practice reiki

3. live off your attention and love, as they have no self love.

4. Needy person wanting energy, attention, drawn with negativity intention :

emotional blackmail : guilt.

How does 1 get rid of such a person or address addictive behaviour ?

  1. write their name on a piece of paper : put in a jar…add blue coloured water to the jar  :
    Speak: I freeze the negativity of this person out of my life and disconnect from them.
  2. put salt around your house and don’t allow them in.
  3. Take a page and write down your anger, disappointment and negative feelings toward them and forgive and bless them – BURN the page. Forgive you and CHOOSE to move forward.
  4. Write the name on a page.. on the back of it..write your name…put a colour circle around you and glue to place salt around you..when dry. Fold the page. Wait.
  5. Take a salt and mphepho bath for 3 nights, say: I now cleanse myself in body, mind, spirit and also place the water in the HOLE.
  6. You need to dig a hole. Place the bath water in it, a jug for each night.
  7. On the 4th day, place the page in it and bury it. Say: I now disconnect from this person and seek no contact.
  8. Visualize pressing a DELETE button and return to them no more.
  9. Thoughts, feelings, emotions = when you experience negative thoughts about this person, you give them the space to return. So say: I forgive, Bless them. I choose to heal from this. I have learnt and I am grateful. Keep affirming this.
  10. Clear out emails, texts, pictures – delete it.
  11. Address the issue of your poor judgment : being naiive and thinking you could help or save them. Forgive yourself.
  12. Say I love myself to protect myself and not be harmed by this person, so I decide to be free and whole. I am healed from this experience. Thank you.
  13. Do a detox of eating only fruit, raw juices, smoothies, a cleanse to touch base with you.
  14. Purging : drink salt water and puke…saying I rid my body of this connection.
  15. It takes a strong character to address, confront and do this disconnection, it will free blockages and  you will instantly feel a release, so cry your heart out. Be sad but know..you are healing you.
  16. True strength lies in addressing your pain. I know your heart will ache but you need to say. I close my heart to this chapter of learning. I have learnt and choose to heal. Closed is my heart to this, it is done.
  17. LOVE you. You have a big heart of unconditional love, you keep hoping, you keep believing and know love, truth, wisdom, will guide you.
  18. Use a Stainless Steel knife to cut the auric cords from your aura. Go for Reiki also.
  19. Visualize mirrors around you, so they will reflect any negative intentions back to the person itself.
  20. Like any addictive behaviour, staying in a addictive drama filled relationship is like a heroine addict,  no  matter how strong you want to quit, you have go cold turkey and sweat out the negative toxin and endure pain and suffering to overcome it, without going through the pain of disconnecting from you, you only want your next fix, so stop this in its tracks. Realize that you love yourself enough to endure the pain and grow and learn from it.energy-vampire-2

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