Yoga : you are the challenge




As I begin to grow into being me, a complete me, in tune

with my Higher self, my intuition, my ancestors, my

diet and my body. I have started to do more yoga, to

become more flexible in my mind, my breathe, my body.

(I started doing yoga at age 32, after injuring my back, well 3 trips to India

and I learnt about being flexible for sure.)

This is week 7 of doing yoga positions which are uncomfortable

and choosing to breathe and stay with the pain and releasing of

what is negative to myself, connecting more with a softer me.

I have become more aware of what I eat, in terms of eating

when I am emotional, or stressed, or when I need to be comforted,

food is a quick fix but not long lasting, what I need is just a kind

gesture from me to me, knowing its ok to be uncomfortable and

stay with the emotion.

I am more aware of my posture, my breathe, my walk, my

speech, my driven ness, it is as if,

I have taken control


Just being so in tune that I know what is happening to my body,

so I can be present with the emotion as it happens.

My mantra intention for doing yoga is to release the negative energy within

which hinders me, which needs to be released, a letting go.

It also helps that I have received a massage this week and will receive

another soon.

It just makes me softer, gentler on myself and those around me.

Whatever your shape or size or weight or height, it matters not.

Yoga is about your inner journey of connecting with yourself,

facing your own limitations and restrictions which letting go…

of what no longer serves you and

about being open to spirit to become more of you.

You are the challenge, the sculptor, the changer, the mover,

the embracer, the forgiver, the teacher, the letting go er,

you make the rules.

Enjoy the Journey of you!


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