P l e a s u r e of being a woman



I have been walking a softer path, I don’t recognise this path as I step forward,

because I haven’t been here before, I guess if I am honest,

I subdued it, I ran from it, I became the stronger sense of me,

a male driven woman, but I know the time is now to embrace the pleasures

of being a woman.

Like coals in the fire, the embers burn beneath me, to bring forth more of me.

I walked in the rain this morning, it gave me great joy to feel this freshness,

to smell the rain.

I picked berries, spinach, alfalfa, marrows and zucchini, it gave me such

joy to be part of harvesting and foraging in the garden.

I took my vitamins and drank my smoothie and green juices and I felt nurtured and loved.

I cleaned out my heart and forgave, and sang as I listened to my music,

and felt the joy flow from my heart.

Every moment can be a pleasure, woman, have longed and suffered, but the time

is now to become more feminine, woman like, free from what limits you.

We have the pleasure of having 50 to 100 orgasms in a shag session! men  = 1.

We have the pleasure to create new life, to sew, to cook, to mend, to create our

reality with our thoughts, our words, our actions = Lets do it.

We have the pleasure of getting excited about life!

To dance, To sing, To be free with our spirit.

We have the pleasure of being Highly Intuitive, Spiritual, Born Healers, Empaths,

lets celebrate our abilities of being clairvoyant, psychic, and Spirit Conscious.

We have the pleasure of running homes, raising families, unity,

bringing forth peace, reconciliation, less do that!

We have the pleasure of dressing up with colour, ribbons, make up,

dresses, lets STOP trying to fulfil a male role!

I for one, I don’t have penis envy, I am happy with my v jay vjay, thanks!

We have the pleasure of having fun!  Joy, Laughter, Excitement, all of which are

fruits of being ONE with your OWN spirit.

We have the pleasure of believing in the GOOD, we can practise a spiritual

meditation, we can pray or visualize! Lets do that and become more focused.

We have the pleasure of being a woman, in an age of freedom,

ONEness, we can be wild and free.

We have the pleasure of enjoying, who we are.

We have the pleasure of MOVING, shaking your body, doing yoga

and drinking wine.

We have the pleasure of taste, touch, see, smell, lets enjoy what we have.

We have the pleasure of nurturing ourselves, with a warm bath or a hot cup of tea,

lets enjoy it. Lets learn and read more,   g r o w I n g WITHIN!

Society is driven by a Male orientated focus, corporate money making drab,

self sacrificing persona, the endless rat race!

lets stick it to the MAN! and show them

who the true boss’s of this Age and Universe, is!

We are woman! We will experience pleasure in everything,

we will love who we are, whatever shape, size, weight, we are

free to be ourselves, because we have POWER

in who we are! and we have a vjay vjay! which

makes each one of us, as unique as our thumbprint,

because we are born to be different!

Lets celebrate it!



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