Fountain of you. . .



I sat at the fountain of my life.

The water is blue and white, crisp and clear.

I observe my memories, every now and then, I can see the shadows fall upon me.

I see the pain, the hurt, the scars, the healed aspects of me.

Clearly the negative no longer matters, because I have healed from the pain.

I have connected to myself, the shinning light within,

I love myself and care for me, and this has changed who I am.

I surrendered my egos need for drama and pain. I surrender.

I place my feet in the water, I feel a wholeness of me  – complete.

I feel the longing no more, I am sated. I feel at peace, at ease.

No longer the battle of the two flames at war, the male and female

energies sit side by side, holding hands, moving in one unified shape.

No longer the fight of wills.

A flowing of spirit. A embracing of the present moment.

A gentleness which only Love can bring with the breeze on my face.

At last the moment has come where doubt has been replaced with confidence.

A belonging, a journeying, a unique path of truth and healing.

I sit quietly inhaling all of it, offering you a glass of the magic,

find your space, find your spirit, find someone to help you

on this journey, becoming who you were meant to be…

A Whole  you.



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