B r o k e n



Forget everything you know.

Forget the people who shaped your believes, your

schooling, your religion, your job, your intellect.

You have been taught to the make the “right” decisions,

to self sacrifice, to work hard, to keep chasing the dangling

carrot of success.

What does a successful day look like to you?

To me, it is waking up at the crack of dawn, having a cup of tea,

feeding my cats, taking time to pray, visualize, do yoga, go for walk,

harvest the vegetables in the garden. I feel connected to the Universe,

I have joy and gratitude in my heart, this is what NO money can buy me,

peace. I am debt-free, I am supported by the Universe.

I was not always happy or joyful or loved. I spent 22 years of my life

feeling lost, see I was disconnected from my spirit, I was not

serving my Higher Purpose, I was broken.

The pain, the scars, the lessons that sculpted my life, has

made me who I am, every aspect was destined for me.

I learnt to LOVE, myself, I grew into acceptance,

tolerance, wisdom, a deeper understanding of who I am,

putting the puzzle of me, back together, remembering

SPIRIT, remembering my destiny.

Many people live off : = Amplifying it with Moaning and Complaining . . .

The Pain, drama, negativity, hurt, scars, wounds, trauma,

all I can say is,  this is a loveless way to live!

Find a good therapist to change and shift your vibration

with reiki and massage and counselling, so you can start to heal.

When you are stuck in this low vibration, you just attract more of the

same negativity, lack of abundance, lack of love! debt, and bottomless troubles.

Lets choose healing instead, no matter how hard,

the Decision rest with you, to choose and be

responsible for you. You are the source of Light.

You hold the  key to living a fulfilled life.

You can choose Love and Forgiveness.

Becoming a WHOLE you.

You Decide.




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