2016 Chaos vs 2017 Order to come




Eight and a half years ago, I ran a branch as Regional administrator for

Tracker Network Cape Town, when I say ran, I went to work at 6am and

left at 4pm, sometimes working longer hours in  a day, to repair chaos,

to track stolen vehicles, and to save lives. I was married to my job.

The Order I learnt about running a branch, is the same for administering

your life. What is administering anyway?  Creating ORDER in the CHOAS.

I turned 40 years old this year and the realization of how good discipline

and order are actually good facets to have with yourself, kicked in.

Basically having a relationship with Yourself.

The way you treat you.

The way you handle your emotional self.

The way you handle your sexual self, your desires and wants, your needs.

The way you nurture and LOVE you.

The way you handle others and those close to you.

Being a person of GOOD character takes work.

Like Running any home! you need to budget for fuel, groceries, water, electricity, wifi, rent,

and any additional expenses like insurance and not forgetting the cell phone account.

We as woman, make it look easy.  We are good at creating Order!  it takes discipline

to initiate order but once it is in effect well, you reap the benefits daily.

Creating Order? Do you want to create it for 2017?

Clean out your cupboard, your wallet, your car, your desk. Give away what you don’t need.

Volunteer or give away your service to someone in need.

Give away 10% of what you earn every month.

Share what you have.

Be assertive and say NO!

Know your needs? if you need to rest, rest. If you need a good massage, book one.

If you need counselling? Book it.

Start a journal, get to know you!

Speak UP. Speak your truth.

Find pleasure in being WHO you are.

Delegate : Ask for HELP!  Don’t be a martyr.

Fun< PLAY ?  Create ?  Dance !   Remember to live Your Spirit.

Stop! the self sabotage  = Having sex without protection  = babies, So take precautions.

Forest Gump says :    Stupid is as Stupid Does.   if your intuition / GUT feeling tells you something,

ACT on it…..it is your Radar. Just listen and Do.

Study the course you always wanted! Do it.

Make the time for you, to complete your thoughts, to know who you are.

Decide to want to heal from the wounds, so you can be WHOLE. Find a good therapist.

Have orgasms with your partner, at least 3 times a week.

Read a good book.

Laugh at a funny movie.

Eat Chocolate!  Mouth gasm.

Do something You feared!

Have a date with you.

Do yoga. Drink the wine.

Most of all decide to be you…in  2017! the authentic, Beautiful,

unique, special, gorgeous, flamboyant self,  YOU!

Happy 2017 and May we continue to Journey!!! Together….




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