D i s c i p l i n e : Punisher or Sculptor

discipline discipline-2


Discipline has always been my punisher.

I was a brat and still I am a brat! I was punished for various amounts of things,

back chatting, being flippant, obnoxious, potty mouthed, I remember

once having to eat chillies because I swore and well down the chillies went.

I remember all the punishment I received, but that didn’t matter to me, because

I was rebellious, fierce, fiery, unruly, much like my hair, I just refused to be

tamed by anyone. (inside me, I knew my truth and what they spoke was bullshit)

Eventually, I played the role of good kid, I observed, I ratted on people,

and that soothed my rebellious side, I was the apple of my grandfathers eye

which meant, I was protected, from the evil gazes of sisters, cousins, aunts, etc.

Discipline was my punisher, I knew that at home and at school.

As I start to become older and wiser, I am learning to make discipline,

my sculptor.

Discipline should be my sculptor not my punisher anymore.

I am becoming gentler with myself which means, instead of

overeating to stop the ‘feeling” of being uncomfortable, I can

address the emotion and SPEAK up about my feelings.

Instead of SUBDUING what I feel, I can now, Act

on what I would like my body to be.

I started reading a Walking Chi KUNG book about CHI / Movements.

I met this amazing MAN who will be 60 years old next year

and he is as fit as a 20 year old, that speaks volumes, just his

positive outlook and inner mental capacity, blew me away.

I decided that I have been weak in my mental capacity and

that I need to become stronger, by disciplining every aspect

of myself.  Beginning a Self mastery Journey for 2017.

I now walk for a kilometre every 2nd day, I do yoga every 2nd  day,

weight training, toning training, jogging on the spot and becoming more

flexible with myself with MOVEMENT!

I have started saying no thank you to 2nd helpings of food, trying to

cut down my calorie intake, so my digestive fires can work better.

Learning to become mentally stronger means watching my MOUTH

and the words I speak, also keeping my energy close and not getting

sucked into anyone else’s story.

What I am observing is a stronger capacity to observe and

be disciplined with myself, the more I exercise it, the

stronger I feel within me.

CHI KUNG is about nurturing your inner self with movements

which makes you feel amazing.  I am loving it.

In using discipline as my sculptor, I have set a few goals for

2017 which with the use of Intention, Prayer, Meditation and

Inner peace, I will have the mental capacity to achieve it.

Discipline, the sculptor to mould me.

Discipline, to reach beyond my comforts.

Discipline, to step into the pain and address it.

Discipline, to let go of what NO longer serves me.

Discipline, Choosing my happiness, my journey.








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