Love : Carrying others emotionally…



Love?  this unconditional force that many talk about,

fantasize about, dream about, envision, but in real

life, the reality  is…LOVE is LOVE. We love nature, birds, trees,

plants, our partner, our pets, it is  an emotion which is felt.

Often, we feel the need to CARRY others, because they

won’t be able to cope otherwise, well this only creates Dependency

patterns and they NEED you, NEED is not LOVE. They

will only keep returning to you for attention, advice and help because

you have ENABLED them.  What to do? how to fix it…

You can DROP them energetically like a stone on the ground,

quit being their UNLIMITED supply of energy.

Next create a healing grid for him or her and send them healing.

(Write their name on a page – place rosequartz – 4 corners of page

(top, below, sides)

 and send them LOVE, but

disconnect from it, afterwards.)

Next, Guide them to listen to THEIR own intuition and

INNER voice of reason, if they are lost, send them for a

Reiki session to flip the switch.

Carrying someone is unhealthy for Your Body, Mind and SPIRIT.

I learnt to carry from a young age and I have identified why?

Because we have forgotten that with free will comes the

Responsibility of letting them fix it themselves, it

means they have the POWER to change and amend it,

if you keep doing it, this creates endless problems.

Respect them enough to PUT them down.

Assert yourself, by saying NO.

Make yourself happy.

Keep Journeying ON!




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