Emotional Eating Cycle



When I am uncomfortable, I eat chocolate,

basically any emotion from tired, happy, sad, grumpy,

angry, scared, horny, disappointed, frustrated, I eat. . .

Every single emotion has led me to this space of conquering the 

old habits of reaching out to subdue what I feel.

I decided to feel the emotion and no longer subdue it.

We live in a society which views emotions as a vulnerability,

we are forced into a male driven system which  promotes

diseases with quick fixes. Sometimes a holistic approach is

needed. Food and eating is such a readily available option,

the addictive behaviour towards it is overlooked. 

We eat to nurture and love our bodies.

We eat to soothe the anger, to subdue whatever we 

need too survive, life.

To actually face what you hide, takes courage. 

As a empath, food is our go to option, it instantly soothes,

nurtures and gives love, a comfort we often need.

The sooth sayer within gets satisfied for a while and we

bury what we truly feel. 

After practising this for years, you begin to feel the 

weight gain, also realizing that absorbing negative energy

from others, makes your pants size grow also. 

We are so easily judged by appearance – shape – size – 

weight – to subscribe to such judgment is madness as I know, 

I am more than my waist size. The value of love and someone loving 

me,  far extends to the love curves I have. 

So, it concludes to this, Why? am I eating? 

Can I feel this emotion, embrace it and choose to love me and

then have my chocolate? or do I keep the bad cycle running

to only have my own self esteem affected by my own 

inadequacy to face myself, to heal my own darkness, to shine my 

own light upon this darkness which has become a shadow of who I truly am.

I walk into it and face which I need to, the pain, the rejection, the truth,

whatever emotion appears,

I CHOOSE TO embrace it, to love it, to release it, so 

I can continue to conquer and embrace who I am.

We are perfect in everyway, but the

imperfections drives us to conquer ourselves,

so we can take the next step,

completely confident of who we are,

to be better than we were yesterday.

Warrior of the Universe. 




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