Hand print



I look at my hand imprinted on the blanket.

This hand has touched your soul, it went deep into your spirit and

balanced what others could not see.

It hears the voice of your inner child, adolescent and your adult self,

it moulded your spirit back into shape, it made it better.

Wholesome. Unique. Loved.

It ignited a  new you, the old mould was removed, like the washing of a dirty window pane.

You are refuelled by spirit, love, a deeper connection to yourself.

Your awakened, you can no longer look back, but only choose to move forward and

keep to your path. Your heart is open and gentle, your thoughts are slow and steady,

your breathe is eased and chilled.

Every cell in your body has waited for this moment of a balanced body,  mind, spirit.

Your life will never be the same, your soul is on fire.

Your perception has been altered.

The magic of massage and reiki revealed, the truth is now known.

In this complete moment, the female energy takes over, a call to nurture, love,

balance you becomes apparent and changes will impact YOU

 and those around you.

A new universe begins.

It starts with you.

Happy 2017 x x x







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