S e r i o u s

20170110_142429 20170110_142448 20170110_142451 20170110_142929(only in Africa)


I have been debating with myself about purchasing a tablet, the benefit of

having a mobile tablet, is that I can write anywhere.

So, I found one at Ackermans and purchased it and found it to be faulty.

I returned it 7 days later but encountered so many funny human happenings.

I realized I am serious, I consider what I do so seriously, that I get wrapped up

in the spiritual world and completely forget to have fun.

My reaction to the faulty tablet would be one of anger, regret, but

I stood in Ackermans, waiting for Ayanda D the supervisor, calling the department

for a approval of my refund, I assisted him by “playing’ security guard to the

incoming shoppers, by taping their current plastic bags will a yellow

security tape,  so they would not be tempted to shoplift.

The body language, expressions, and complete surrender

to my authority of new found “security” guard, was amazing.

Frowns, Laughter, joy, smiles, giggles,  a willingness to chat to me was

overwhelming, but best of all, was changing the stereo type of all

security guards should be “black”. I enjoyed my afternoon adventure,

learning about people and cultures, we are all human after all,

we all want a home, a soul mate, something delicious to eat,

love, warmth, security, intimacy, the ability to be

ourselves, not restricted by religion, sexual orientation,

skin colour, upbringing, and most of all old belief

systems, we want to be free to be ourselves, human.

I spent the afternoon, laughing  . . .  at how much fun I had

in the shop, challenging yourself, step out of your box.




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