Touch c h a n g e s



The touch of your fingers holding the seed,

sowing it into the earth, with love and intention,

creates instant connection.

The harvesting of fruit : touch, stimulates the plant to grow and flourish add in reiki :

  and this makes the plant grow faster.

Every flower turns into a fruit, specifically made for us, this inter connectedness with nature,

to love, to nurture, to create,

we are part of the cycle of life, it is magical.

When someone holds us in a hug,

 we feel loved and nurtured, a feeling of bliss and belonging.

When someone nurtures us with massage, our body releases the old habits and starts

with a clean slate,

a new body filled with love, connected to the Divine feminine, a unique force,

it fills up the broken cracks with love.

Knowing your needs, your desires, your inner longings.

It engulfs what is unknown to bring forth a deeper awareness of Spirit.

Recognising that touch is the most pleasurable experience of love.

To bask in it, to enjoy this human pleasure without guilt, but

with an open heart of bliss.

Deeply relaxing into the peace of being,

a new beginning,

knowing touch has changed you.

You are awakened, your spirit is free.


  Practise : H o o Pono pono prayer :





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