Woman : Living a masculine male energy



Every single woman I have met has faced this same inner battle.

Allowing our male (masculine) driven energy to override our gentle female

driven energy, so we can juggle the demands, of life.

This combined with a pool of self sacrifice (martyrdom) of which transpires

when you don’t self love or nurture or take rest when your system is overtaxed.

You begin to realize that being “driven” in this male energy,  will not

manifest a Happy ending, the end will be a foreign disease popping up or

burn out.

It will then take every ounce of your energy to recover, however…

If you just took the nap of 20 minutes, when you needed it.

When you exercised, to clear your head.

When you did yoga to connect more with your female self.

When you ate chocolate, but went to walk anyway.

When you asked for help, when you needed a break from the kids or delegated

to your Mom or someone else.

Lets face it, the demands of being women today is endless, we work, we run a home,

husband and kids, you can easily become

bitter and resentful while walking this path.

My suggestions are the following :

Ask for help.

Go for a reiki / massage / counselling treatment : it will change your world.

Decide to have fun no matter what, obstacle appears.

Be a kickass mother and wife, be you, don’t let it just be a role, be yourself also.

Women, give your man a break, give him one night off a week to have fun,

just to be free also.                              The same would apply to you.

As  adults we value fun, play, dancing, freedom, joy,   LIVING as a whole but get stuck

in a rut when the Intellect ego governs our life and NOT our

Open Living heart of LOVE and Spirit.

Every Day start with a clean slate to affirm and to live WHO

you Are, a Beautiful spirit with amazing capabilities!

_________>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>  Lets do 2017 with a bang!




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