Judgment (Male driven) : Unity or Separation



When my ego takes over, due to my male dominated personality,

due to overwork, overdoing, over people pleasing, it gets pretty

Judgy on this side.

It brings forth separation and


a “them” against us,

or us “against them” attitude,  

which brings forth the duality of they are

“bad and I am good” scenarios,

a battle of opinions, belief systems,

and all kinds of ugliness start,

at this point.

Relationships ended, friendships broken, and separation

has taken place, a breaking of unity and harmony.

Then I take a breathe, as I can see this transpire within 60 seconds,

if I don’t shift my vibration to a compassionate,

soft and open hearted approach,

to a more female approach of understanding the other person,

their opinion, their processing of events, it is going to go to Sh*t!

Being judgmental, closes the heart and lets the ego which

is not interested in the light, but only darkness  – drama,

chaos, discourse, and separation takes control.

Once this has taken place, the chaos increases until

the seed of this comes to fruition = separation, unhappiness.

How to take control of this ?

be the observer of the madness, but don’t get sucked into it.

Practise discipline in doing yoga, exercise, thai chi, chi kung,

weights… start moving…..go for a walk,

push your body to uncomfortable zones.

Self talk is important  – sometimes you need to hear yourself, so as

to shift your energy to what is good for you.

Stay in your own skin – don’t take on, someones negativity, it is not your place.

Get grounded!  stay connected to Mother earth and stay rooted.

Practise Silence. Not everything deserves a answer right now.

Don’t take yourself so seriously. Lighten up with a funny movie.

Sing. Enjoy music often, sing . . .

Dance, move your body, it is your greatest gift.

LOVE!   love your life, love your body. love your spirit.

if you fail today – get Up and try again tomorrow.

All the great masters, practised self mastery, not to compete, but to

S e  l  f     Conquer! you.




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