Money : real, virtual, debt = c o n t r o l




Money has no vibration, it is not alive, it does not breathe, it has

no spirit, no essence, no life force, it is paper, it is fake, it is not what

it is, but what it can do for you, the want, the chase, the seeking, the

lack, the desire for it that consumes man.

 Money has not been real for me since leaving my job in 2007.

When I was 4 years old, R1 bought me a packet of simba chips,

a chocolate and a 20 c pac man game. Life was simple.

I did my chores and I was rewarded with R1 at the end of the week.

I was taught delayed gratification, discipline, dedication

and routine, it was a smooth flow.

Money felt real back then.

Now money feels non-real, fake,


We have lost our relationship with money, its become an object of want,

desire, a stirring of need, a forced control born from society.

A male driven ness of fear, a guillotining of force to work, to owe,

to be in debt, to buy the car and own a house, to spend the best

aspects of your day for a salary.

Work, home, Eat, Sleep.

A conditioning that becomes a box.

Completely unaware of spirit, disconnected from intuition and your

own gut feeling.

Swimming with the fish when all that is beautiful is forgotten.

A loss of connection as to what is real :







These cannot be bought. These cannot be earned.

Your sense of responsibility of owing someone money,

drives us to work and dedicate our life to a fake form of control.

Money is just seed, this is my relationship with money.

It enables me to live, the life I have chosen.

I trust in the Universe, to give me what I need.

I believe in the Divine synchronicity of LIFE.

There is a natural flow, not fear based.

Life and Death.

Abundance, are part of my universe.

I have lived debt free, since 2010, 6 years of no debt.

You are the source of your Universe.

Your vibration attracts what you need.

You emit energy.

Your emotions is energy in motion, like a beacon of light.

You are connected to the rain that falls.

You are connected to this earth.

As I am connected to you.

So, start living a spirit filled life.

See the beauty.

Practise the yoga, eat the healthy food, drink water, cleanse your body of

what no longer serves you.

Discipline the fear, do not sign on the dotted line,

take control of your finances, own it, swim upstream

and be aware of what you are creating.

Happy 2017, the year of the Rooster.



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