A R S : Ask, Receive, Surrender

ask beach-surrender


Being a masculine driven female, I struggle to keep the balance

between overworking, overdoing, going back to default when

I overstep my own balance. I completely love what I do,

in fact, I get so filled with energy and the magic of spirit

that I become hyperactive for  2 days.

I have taken more precautions to stay tuned in with my

female energy, the nurturing, loving, understanding,

compassionate me. I ensure that I ask for a treatment,

and it is vital that I receive it and surrender.

I do this for myself, but also for my husband, who

has to live with my madness.  Having me out of balance,

really stretches every itch of who we are.

Anger, Fear, Impulsive bad decisions, Serious approach,

all which could be avoided by taking control of myself,

disciplining myself, so I stay connected to my female self

with exercise, yoga, weights, chi kung and meditation.

One key importance of any relationship is laughter,

a good communication, a treat of having a good meal, (not at home),

 and joy.

Rejoicing in the good and the bad moments, all of which are

part of the bigger growth of LIFE!

Taking control means balancing yourself, keeping your EGO

at bay – so you are not  a victim, a moaner, a groaner, a complainer.

You hold the power as a WOMAN, to manage your life and yourself.

Misery loves company, don’t let it overtake you.

Find your Joy everyday! Rejoice in your life.

Love yourself, your weight, your size, your shape, really doesn’t matter,

so don’t let it engulf your life and your self esteem!

Have fun!  Adults tend to become serious and destroy the joyful moments,

don’t do that to yourself. 

Write down your emotions, your feelings, your journey, once you get to know you,

it is easier to assess where the cracks are.

Be vulnerable, ask for help.

Receive it, don’t be a control freak, just accept it.

Surrender, asking for help, means you must let go . .  let the other person, help.

Be Assertive in who you are.

If you are feeling grumpy, say, I am grumpy, I am annoyed, I am irritated for no

apparent reason. Speaking your authentic truth, brings more understanding,

so you don’t bark up the wrong tree, OWN it.

Be specific  – use your power wisely, excuses are for those who want to fail,

You want to succeed on every level, so put in the work of


Disciplining you.

Living a Yogic existence.

Practise, Practise, being the person, you want to be.

Your True self.




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