Ignite your female self


I am a observer. I observe everything.

The way you move, with or without pain.

I notice your breathing.  I notice the words rolling off your tongue.

I notice you, your spirit, your body language, your look,

most of all, how do you house your spirit.

The world, Society, parents, teachers promote an intellectual

world of work hard, study hard, get the job, earn the salary,

be independent, this is a Male Driven approach.

I have heard this story, I too was raised to

believe this lie, which was spun for generations.

I became Male driven, work, work, work, do, be disconnected

from which makes me female, makes me vulnerable, makes me

aware of being a female, a vagina, having pms, hormones, menopause,

subdue the femaleness of myself.

I no longer live this paradigm. I have shifted to keeping my male and

female energy in balance. I practise yoga with deep breathes, opening my heart

to connect more with myself. I started meditating more, to use the infinite

power of abundance to create my life. I am becoming more disciplined to

master myself in my diet, my exercise, in gaining more knowledge about

the depths of being a woman.

Yes, I can be a warrior, but I can also be a Goddess of LOVE.

The male driven approach, also promotes quick fixes, the growing of a disease,

like cancer, if you keep subduing yourself, your emotional self will create

a disease which means, you will need to embrace being sick, and

dealing with your own female self, later on, this will take all of your courage to do.

Instead, change the approach, prevention is better than cure.

Nurture yourself with : yoga, meditation, chi kung, massage, reiki, journaling.

Keep Active : exercise, do weights, take your vitamins, drink water, eat less.

This world is filled with imbalance, in politics, in society, in marriages, in yourself.

Shift Your approach to love thyself and KEEP you healthy,

you are your greatest investment.





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