Cut off jeans and a Sleeveless shirt @ Sunfest Zuvuya

sunfest-zuvuya-feb-2017-3 sunfest-zuvuya-feb-2017-5 sunfest-zuvuya-feb-2017-7

I was raised conservatively. I watched many young ladies flaunt, show flesh and dress sexily.

Today was the first time I wore, cut off jeans and a sleeveless shirt in public.

I would never have had the courage to do this, even my partner was surprised, like wow!

You going out in public like this? Wow!  I was shy but gently hid it, I was basically to hot to wear anything else.

Just thinking of the sweat running down my back or down my knees, made me decide nope this is the best possible outfit for the Sunfest at Zuvuya on the D710 in the Midlands.

I am feeling good about my body, I feel good about myself.

I watched musicians who have spent hours practising with muscle aches, and dedication to Master their art, music.

Nibbs vd Spuy and Guy Buttery, what a treat to listen, feel and experience their music live and meet them in person. I

loved all of it. Me being me, I gave them mini massages to repair their backs, as I could identify the knots and aches, they

endure for the love of their art.

Dael, Lisa, Tina, Dave, Michael (coffee dude), Kim Goodwin and all who organised this amazing event in the heart of the Midlands, Thank you!   I don’t usually leave my comfort zone, but today, it was truly amazing.

I met so many new people and spoke to many people about themselves, and just a general getting to know everyone.

I reconnected with many people after 4 years, can you believe it, scary how time has just flown.

Thank you mostly to my man! Who convinced me to go and enjoy today.

Dance, fun, Laughter, Joy, Music, good food!    Life is good.

Big love for the Midlands! 





One thought on “Cut off jeans and a Sleeveless shirt @ Sunfest Zuvuya

  1. Lovely Colleen. I was.also a little out of my comfort zone but had the Most Magnificent Magical time. You looked gorgeous in pink! Here’s to more.micro adventures for us both. X


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