How to create MONEY?



Creating money is a Spiritual experience.

I started my healing practice in 2009, I have been living debt free for 9 years.

Creating money is part of your self love and living consciousness.

This being said, I had to figure out how to create money,

to buy food, to pay for petrol, to pay for Rent, debit orders etc.

It starts with a thought?

Do I love myself? the answer is YES

Do I love what I do? Yes

Do I believe in infinite abundance ? Yes –  for example, if we need rain,

do I trust that the Universe, it will provide rain when I need it, Yes.

Do I have a believe that is so strong and assured that I know, that when

I have a need, it will be provided for, yes. Trust. A deeper sense of knowing

which requires you to tap into your Intuition. Your Radar, Your consciousness.

In most people, this has been “put aside”, we are taught to do, not feel.

What You believe, affects your reality and your life.

It starts with believing that your needs will be provided for.

A thought of I have enough money for everything I need.

Next: Your words, that you speak are seeds to the Universe to answer what

you affirm. Thinking : I have enough MONEY. Saying : I have enough money.

Affirming it  = Makes it so.

You will start to experience a Abundance which has no lack.

You need to give away 10%  of what you make, anonymously or to someone in need,

give it…away.. I do.

Now, You are tapping into a deeper sense of Synchronicity, a time for sowing and

harvesting, a time of abundance.

Creating this paradigm for yourself is a Female energy, so if you are male dominant,

it is time to change your vibration. Change your diet, go for a massage / reiki, start

doing yoga, and definitely start meditating.

Meditation and Visualization is important, so imagine your reality, flowing with money,

flowing with abundance of every kindness.

You are your greatest asset, your energy transmits to the Universe what you want to attract.

You are a beacon of Light, if you are blocked, get unblocked. (come see me)

Tune into a Higher vibration of eating healthy, drinking water,

refrain from toxins and your  Universe and ability to create money will flow.

If you are stuck, email me :

This method of making money has worked for me.

Marketing : you know when coke (cooldrink) was invented, the Investors said

that the colour RED is the most important one to remember to the brain,

so they flooded the market with it = If you thirsty, drink coke

I cannot emphasis how important it is to market yourself,

everywhere, be passionate about you, most of all

believe in what you do.  I certainly do.

Happy manifesting.





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