Explore the contours of your heart



I sit quietly, exploring the contours of my heart.

The love that was lost and why?

Why I was seeking the love, the adoration, the attention,

from those who spoke love freely, who did not use

their words impeccably. I now know, that love is a action.

Love is the support from the person who takes you to the doctor.

Love is accepting the lecture, afterwards.

Love is the keeping of their word to you.

Love is having a deep connection with another human being.

Love is answering your text, when you need them to.

Love is care, giving you attention, when you need it.

Love is a hug and a kiss.

Love is offering help, and asking for it.

Love is having someone, you can rely on.

Love is a trusting someone with your emotions,

when you feel good or bad.

Love is also learning to overlook the inadequacies of being human.

Love is someone caring about you, just being there for you.

Love is not a false proclamation of LOVE, and never calling or texting.

Love is loving yourself first, putting your needs first and then

giving respect to your partner for their needs and wants.

Love is agreeing to disagree, finding middle ground and

a deeper understanding of being human.

Love is sharing a meal, enjoying the taste andĀ flavours of food.

Love is packing away freshly laundered clothes.

Love is cleaning, where your partner forgot to.

Love is also sacrifice.

Love is also doing chores, you hate.

Love is forgiving all.

Love is laughing together.

Love is intuitively caring, to assist your partner to achieve their goal.

Love is working hard together, to prosper and attract abundance.

Love is helping. Love is a kind word.

Love is also surrendering when you are wrong.

Love is knowing, your partner makes the home.

Love is the smell of lunch, wafted around the kitchen, when your hungry.

Love is cold bottle of kombucha, on a hot day.

Love is doing gardening, when you really don’t want to.

Love is making tea, when you d rather be reading.

Love is sharing moments of life, the good, the

bad, the ugly, and growing into a deeper maturity, so

you can be yourself, knowing that mature love,

lasts longer than infatuation, or false proclamations

of love, which was only Lust.

Enter the contours of your heart, become wiser,

as you love you for being You.




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