In sickness and In Health : having your life purpose tested?



From the moment I was born, my mortality was tested.

I lived in a incubator for 2 months, my days were spent trying

to heal and grow, the result was, I have asthma, I manage it with

medication (pump), taking allergex, eating healthy and keeping my triggers of

overworking and anger/ fear  under control.

Needless to say, sometimes I fail or sometimes it feels like it.

I get busy in the real realm of life and the spiritual realm of

assisting others to heal. My purpose is tested, yes, by the Universe,

will I lie down and accept being sick, yes and no?

Yes, if I do get sick, I will surrender and go see my Indian

doctor, who questions my diagnosis and sometimes sheds

light onto it, which makes me think. He is my healer, he

has patiently answered my questions and made me find

a holistic approach to my own healing.

I always viewed going to the doctor as a failure but in fact,

I sometimes need help, a 2nd opinion. If I cant fix or prevent it,

I can rely on modern medicine to have a cure, so I can feel better and I

can keep using my preventative measures of a healthy diet, exercise,

yoga, meditation, chi kung, walking, toning, taking my vitamins

and drinking water to keep on my path, my journey.

I don’t let having a cold or a infection stop me ever.

I work with human beings, I am exposed to germs, bacteria,

and the like everyday. So, I keep focus and I get up,

I learn a lesson, I surrender, I reassess, where did I slip,

was it anger, that lowered my immunity, was it overworking?

Then I stand up and address what I need to?

Action.  Take my meds and keep delving deeper into

myself to heal what is needed, to keep moving forward.

I can change me, sickness is just making me aware of my mortality.

Every breathe, I take, every heartbeat, means I have another

chance, to live my spirit, to get back up and become amazing

again! . . . . and so it begins . . . .  Another Journey.




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