A lighter heart



Every now and then, you need to cleanse your heart.

Its like receiving massages, to detox and cleanse you,

so you can see clearer and be present and aware.

Sometimes you need to cry and then the healing process starts.

Life with a closed heart is not a life but a survival mechanism

that doesn’t work. A world that suppresses being a woman,

suppresses being emotional and being our true selves.

Where single mom’s are shamed and judged, where kids are blamed

for changing their lives, like  motherhood is a burden of

never ending sacrifice.

A lighter heart and a female connection shifts you into a space of Balance.

Your perception changes, an opening to your Higher self and a

deeper connection of spirit lives and you start to FORGIVE.

You start to say I am sorry, I let go,

I have learned a lesson.

Truth shines and you have grown wiser in the process.

A true inner reflection, a switched on inner compass of love

is ignited as you CHOOSE to move forward into

Awareness and Wholeness.

By exercising your Lighter heart.

To reopen your heart, do come see me

for a session of massage / reiki,

live the magic!  Happy V day . . .



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