STOP! Body shaming! How to become a GODDESS



I remember the first time I was body shamed by my mother,

she complained about how difficult, it was to buy me clothes

because I had a pot belly. “Why can’t you be tall like your sister?

Why can’t your hair be straighter?”

From that moment on, I realized I was different.

Throughout my life, I had an ugly duckling complex, until

I embarked on a self healing journey, to become,

who I truly am. Me. I have been changing my body, my mind

and my spirit, to a whole and balanced being.

Yesterday, I watched a woman, drag her t shirt over her love handles

(fat at her sides) and wanting to tuck her tummy in before entering

Pick and Pay.    This just angered me, so much.

She walked with shame, with her 2 kids and I felt saddened.

Woman : who run a household, work a job, and we are judged

for fat and stretch marks, for a imperfect body.

I am honestly, tired of Body shaming and stereo typing of what a woman

should look like, I even hear pregnant mommy’s complain about them

not having “their body, because of the baby. I ASK, really?

Being so disconnected from you, that you cannot see your value and

lack of self love, and admire your beauty, no matter what your

shape or size, but as you are.  We live in a very visually stimulated world,

look at facebook, twitter, Instagram, if its pleasing to the EYE,

some stranger will like it, you get  an instant gratification, really? (its fake)

What about self acceptance. Self Love. Self Esteem.

Self appreciation. Learning to love yourself, just the way you are.

Having the courage to change what you desire, not what the fake world out

there decides for you. As woman, we have stretch marks, our looks are

JUDGED from the moment, we take our first breathe.     BUT . . .

We are GODDESS’s


7 STEPS TO BECOME A GODDESS AND FEEL DIVINE!The word ‘Goddess‘ seems to have recently become a buzzword. In the 1950’s only those immortalised on the silver screen such as Marlena Dietrich & Marilyn Monroe were referred to as ‘Screen Goddesses‘ but now Goddesses seem to be popping out at us from every small screen & magazine to sell us shavers, gym equipment & aromatherapy kits. So what do these mortal women have that qualifies their status as modern day Goddesses? (And what can the rest of us do to become one?)

In a nutshell, a modern day Goddess as a woman who sees & honours all aspects of her self as natural & therefore perfect & sacred. (Note: that does include spontaneous burping & farting!)

Yes, any woman can shine with liberated self-acceptance & vitality when she chooses to value herself as a unique expression of divine life force, instead of trying to become the perfect woman she thinks everyone else wants her to be. (Thankfully, the days of taking a Bex & lying down in overwhelm are over!)


To make the transition into a fully-fledged Goddess you must realize there is no such thing as the perfect woman. I would also like to point out that your idea of the perfect woman is not necessarily the same as mine. For instance, depending on which feminine archetype is ruling you, you may aspire to be a tall leggy blonde, a perfect Mother or a career superwoman…but none of these ideals will bring happiness if they are not balanced by the other psychological aspects.

Ultimately, by focusing on a conscious journey through the feminine archetypes, we all come to understand ourselves better as women so we can in turn create more harmonious relationships with those around us & manifest a more fulfilling, sustainable & balanced life.


Each Goddess aspect within our psyche governs a chakra (these are the 7 main energy centres located within our bodies). As we become aware of how to express their positive traits we start to shine with confidence in every area of our life, which attracts people to us like moths to a flame!

7 Things You Can Do To Release Your Goddess Mojo!

1. Speak up when something doesn’t feel comfortable.
2. Pamper yourself once a week to top up your cup of self love.
3. Use your skills to make the world a better place.
4. Spend regular time in nature to reconnect.
5. Attend a sisterhood gathering once a month.
6. Meditate at least once a week – this will help you to have less negative thoughts.
7. Dance like no one is watching

Click here for details:




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