Faith by Claire

I have always been pretty good at listening to the still small voice within when it comes to big decisions. Moving countries, getting married, changing jobs, building houses, having babies: when crossroads appear, I slow down, seek out quiet spaces, and watch for the signs. I manage to shut my ears to expectations and follow spirit’s choice, even when it seems illogical or unlikely. This skill has given my life path color, and some unusual about-turns in direction. When I thought to stop and consider this aptitude, I glanced about with satisfaction and patted myself on the back. It has taken three decades and some earth-severing shifts for me to realize how bumbling, clumsy, and awkward I am when it comes to tiny choices.
A deep rich dialogue goes on in my mind, so much so that I have often deluded myself into thinking that I can have the whole world just where I want it. I carried an ingrained belief that if I think hard enough, if I know enough, if I control all the variables, then I can make sure nothing bad happens. My sense of responsibility to make everything turn out okay was extreme; it weighed down my shoulders and knotted up my neck. For the most part I found this price worth the chance to keep fear at bay. I was reluctant to abandon myself to the present moment, to routine and the mundane, to petty ordinary fears, and the large looming tragedies hidden in the everyday. But as I moved into the world of unschooling, and the biggest leap of my professional life, I was shocked to realize the extent to which I am plagued by an insufficiency of faith. I looked down, really looked down for the first time, and saw my knuckles burning white as I clung to the signpost. Moving forward into the unknown – not the great vast unknown but the one in the right here and now swamping my feet – terrifies me. And the reason underlying this terror is a fundamental disbelief in the order of things.

As in many other aspects of my life, it is my daughter who has given me the courage to see myself as I really am. Each day she grows a little more, learns a little more, and moves further into the world. When children enter this world, absolutely nothing falls into the known category. The world bustles with information. Its textures, colors, sounds and smells cut sharply into the newborn’s psyche. But rather than curl up in terror, they step boldly into the world, eyes wide with wonder. All information is considered potentially relevant. They watch and play and explore a little further and then wait patiently for order to arise from chaos. They are masters of uncertainty, and therefore masters of trust. My daughter’s journey reminds me that I too once knew what trust was. I too once sat at the knee of God. Until I didn’t. At some point, I moved far enough out into the world to see that there amidst the noise and beauty, was also pain, hurt and despair. As I grew my view of the world expanded, and what I saw jarred with my expectations for good. There was so much hurt, such tender fragility, and even downright evil. Faced with these dawning perceptions, the feeling that shuddered through my small body ran along the lines of What the fuck? What idiot designed this mess?

But before the pain of this disconnect could even register, my forming personality ran and hid behind complicated defense mechanisms. I learned that some degree of protection lay in objectivity, in not wanting, or feeling, too much. To achieve this I let my identity blur, and let the muscles that held up who I was and why grow flaccid and weak from disuse. I stood up from the meadow of children and walked away from faith. I forgot how to fight. I forgot how to breathe in chaos. I dislodged something deep inside and forbade myself from grieving.

Now, as I find the courage to pick out the important and let go the rest, rhythms slow and my life widens. In the space that is opening I am beginning to understand that there is no way to live well without revisiting my lack of belief, without moving my heart into the unknown and learning all I can about faith. I need to find my edges and move towards them. A little older, a little braver, made a little more pliant by disappointment and failure, I am ready to make the painful confession than I have very little idea what I’m doing. I am becoming a child once again, not only to address hidden pain, but also to reclaim new ways to meet each day. With innocence, with joy, and with faith in the design.

There is a difference between sin and prayer. There is a difference between faith and panic. But there they lie side by side because they are the pairs of choices that wait at the fork. They are the two sides of the dialectic: the choice between light and dark, between joy and fear. One moves forward, the other holds us in stagnation. Both lay about our every moment. A thousand tiny choices spanning the distance between the life you have and the life you dream of. It is infinitely far; it is as close as a breath. To live in the light we have to choose it now… and again, and again. We are balancing along a razor-edge and that is how it was always meant to be. Because life wasn’t made to be comfortable. Hope will never be ours to claim and despair will always only be a fumble away. It is never okay to leave your courage at home.

*This post was sponsored by Colleen at the Midlands House of Healing (084 603 0604). This month she treated me to the newest therapy in her repertoire: Restoration of the Divine Feminine. It is a 75-minute massage with hot stones, Hawaiian Lomi and Kahuna massage and reiki. It is a kaleidoscope of sensations. It draws out yin energy and restores balance. But while it softens and nurtures, it asks a lot of the receiver. It asks that we give in and give up. In what moments does our culture value vulnerability? When are we taught that to surrender, to the right power at the right moment, is a test of true strength? I have begun to wonder if it is only in surrender that we can know joy. Because joy is the absence of fear.

2 thoughts on “Faith by Claire

  1. Beautifully put Claire! I think and feel the same way. Thank you for sharing and helping me understand myself better xx Now I just need to find a way to one day get to see Colleen and surrender to her wonderful treatment too! It has been something I long to do for myself too. I love you writings and have so much respect for you. Xxx


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